hazel + dot were always full of little hints and lessons for their wild and crazy gaggle of girls. we spent every summer on the coast of north carolina with hazel + dot and all our sweet cousins, and they made it their mission to teach us a thing or two about family, friendship, and most importantly living life to the fullest. here are some of our favorites of those life lesson, as told by hazel + dot.

  1. if you don't have anything nice to say, stand in the corner with your best friend and keep your voice down! whenever we couldn't find hazel + dot in a crowd, we'd look to the nearest corner and find them laughing hysterically. we almost never knew exactly what it was that had tickled them, but the laughter was certainly contagious!

  2. never skip church- your soul needs some praise and your ears need some gossip. while we'd love to say we fully abide by this one (not the gossip part, of course) we just never could tell a lie to hazel + dot... 

  3. always have something to drink at the end of a long day. and they definitely weren't talking about sweet tea, y'all. this one we can honestly and truthfully say we've followed to a tee...

  4. never wear ugly underwear. we'll never forget this one after an insanely large box of beautiful unmentionables was received  one christmas morning (in front of the whole extended family, no less). "well heavens, what if you get in a car wreck and the paramedic's a handsome young man?!" 

  5. just walk it off. this one wasn't meant in the "there's no crying in baseball" way, rather more in the "i just couldn't resist that fourth cookie and i'm really regretting it" way. the struggle is real ladies, and those darn cookies are delicious.

  6. even if you're running up to the piggly wiggly for a gallon of milk, never leave the house without a little lipstick. see #4 above, but replace the paramedic with any and everyone of the male persuasion you could possibly run into anywhere outside your home. 

  7. always keep a little fun money in your purse so you can treat yourself to a fun splurge. dot always shared her fun money with us when we came to visit for the summer, and whether it was stick-on earrings from dee-gee's or an ice cream from the front street general store, every purchase made with that money truly was fun. 

  8. no matter what, never go to bed with your makeup on. there are some memories that however long it's been or hectic life becomes we'll just never forget. sitting on the bathroom counter singing with dot while she washed and prepped her face for bed each night is one of those memories. the smell of that ponds cream is as fresh in our minds now as if we just gave dot a bedtime kiss on the cheek.